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Just a spot on the web with feeds of my projects, speedruns, game server stats, and other things.

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✒ Kitsuria Chronicles

A story I've been working on over the years, loosely based on roleplay events between 2004 and 2005. Yuki's search for his mate turns into a quest to stop a malevolent force from conquering his home land. He reunites with old friends and family along the way.

✒ Digital Dimension

A Digimon fan fiction involving a group of high school students starting their vacation in the Digital World to fight against a tyrant. I started this way back in 2002, only recently polishing it off and improving upon the concept 14-year-old me came up with.

🎮 .para//Bound

It's the night before Festivus, and a can of SPAM falls from space. The Internet is leaking, and Yerix is spreading his corruption through the world. It is up to three girls and one guy to put a stop to it. As long as they air their greivances often, they should be able to stand a chance!